Worth A Memory Photography

Could we have an outdoor session?

Yes! I don't have a studio so I only do location shoots.  I love working outdoors but will also do indoor shoots in your home or another location.

How many photographs will you take during my photo shoot or event?

There is not a particular number of photographs I take during a photo shoot or event.   The number of pictures is determined by the length of the shoot or event.  The longer the time together the more photos there will be. 
Can I have outfit changes during our photo session?
Yes!  Outfit changes expand the variety of your session and give you the opportunity to show off more of your pesonality.  Depending on the length of your location will depend on how many changes you will be able to have.   This will be discussed during our consultation. 

How long will it take to get my pictures?

Because I want you to enjoy your pictures at their fullest potential I edit each picture individually.  For most shoots you can expect your photos within 2-3 weeks.  For longer events like weddings where there are a significant number of photographs you should expect your photos in 4-5 weeks. 

How many pictures will I recieve from my shoot or event?

Unlike most photographers, I do not have typical packages.  You pay for the setting and legnth of time, from that you will recieve a CD with the best pictures from the shoot containing my watermark.  You may use the disk to upload photos to share with your family and friends or print out the pictures on your own, I do ask that you honor my photographer integrity by not cropping out my watermark or editing the photographs.  The number of pictures will be determined by the legnth of the shoot or event.   The longer the shoot or event the more photographs you will receive.  On average, 30-40% of photos are returned to you.


What should I wear?

You should wear whatever you feel comfortable and magnificent in!  Your session is all about you and showcasing your unique personality, what you wear helps do that.  You should avoid busy patterns and bright colors that will take away from your beautiful face.  

 Do you travel?

I am willing to travel, however as I am a student my schedule is limited.  You might be required to reimburse  some of the traveling expenses depending on distance.   This will be discussed during scheduling.

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